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NEC Inc. (a Utah Corp.)

N.E.C. Group, Inc. (a Utah Corp.) is a multifaceted company that provides a myriad of marketing services for a variety of clients, and for over 30 years has produced California and Utah’s original longest running 2 and 3-day Home Remodeling and Decorating Shows. 2011 is the 36th Anniversary for these shows.

Who Is The N.E.C. Group, Inc., a Utah Corp.
N.E.C. Group, Inc. (a Utah Corp.) is one of America’s leaders in the field of segmented marketing. Segmented marketing is the science of targeting a specific demographic in the marketplace, i.e. homeowners, women, sports enthusiasts, seniors, etc.

In addition to providing strategies for clients in the general marketplace, The N.E.C. Group, Inc. (a Utah Corp.) produces consumer HOME SHOWS plus HOME and GARDEN SHOWS at convention venues throughout Southern California and Utah.

Each Home Show is systematically booked by category to ensure a true central marketplace theme where homeowners can get the answers to their home improvement questions, resulting in intelligent decisions, and of course, purchases! All this boils down to new sales and higher profits for participating exhibitors and sponsors!

N.E.C. Home Remodeling and Decorating Shows (a Utah Corp.) include meticulously planned special features, such as: Cooking Demos from top local restaurants, the Do-It-Yourself Workshops, The World of Kitchens, Spa Spectacular, Window-Door Exhibition, the Money Show and the sensational Dream Backyard. Exhibitors also have the opportunity to increase visibility by presenting an educational noncommercial mini-seminar on our show stage.
Signage rights are also available for Exhibitors & Sponsors (ask your Account Executive).

The N.E.C. (a Utah Corp.) HOME SHOWS provide exhibitors with the highest quality attendees. The targeted consumer is a home owner with above average annual income over $150,000. This valuable consumer learns about our home shows through our massive multimedia advertising and public relations campaigns. N.E.C.'s (a Utah Corp.) Home show attendees drive an average of 15 miles to attend, pay an average of $12.00 to park, wait in line an average of 12 minutes to purchase tickets costing an average of $15.00 to attend! These people are serious about their home remodeling and decorating projects. While at the show, these attendees will see the latest and most innovative home improvement products and services available.
cooking crowd

expo floor

If your company is truly interested in accessing new business,
then participating in a N.E.C. Group, Inc. (a Utah Corp.) Home Show may just be your answer!

Contact: Western States offices

Home Show Offices: California 1-800-571-9012 • Utah 1-801-571-9012

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