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The Most Effective Method of Acquiring Qualified Sales Leads!
The Most Cost Effective Form of Advertising!

33rd Annual Home Remodeling and Decorating ShowExhibit info link

• Increase Profits & Cash Flow!
• New Qualified Prospects Brought to You!
• Gain Competitive Edge!
• Make Immediate Sales!
• Develop Name Brand or Recognition!
• Introduce New Products or Ideas!
Meet More Qualified Prospects In 2-3 Days Then in 3 to 6 Months at Your Office or Showroom!
"We brought in $175,000 in new business at N.E.C. Group's show, producing 2 to 3 times the dollar volume than we've done in any other show."
- Mark Sawicki
Building & Remodeling Designer

The following information is based on data compiled from
attendee surveys during our most recent Homeshow Season.

98% Homeowners
Average Household Income $150,000
44% Plan on Beginning a Home Improvement Project Within 30 Days
34% Plan on Beginning a Home Improvement Project Within 31-180 Days
14% Plan on Starting a Home Improvement Project within 12 Months
56% Plan on Financing Their Projects
8% Were Making Improvements in Anticipation of Selling Their Property
"Great show!!! 300 leads and $75,000 in sales and still selling!"
- Edna Lozano
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